Our Advantage

Our Factory

We have the advanced production equipment, including 3 factories, 9 production lines , 54pcs of reactors, all the production process is semi-automated. Also, we have a variety of advanced environmental protection equipment, like Inclined plate settling basin, the nox collection system, Ammonia nitrogen treatment system , wast-heat steam recycle and system.

1、Dry crushing plant

2、Filter workshop

3、packing workshop

4、Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, liquid alkali storage irrigation area

5、Raw material iron sheet storage area

6、Iron oxide yellow reaction tank

7、Iron oxide yellow slurry tank

8、Iron oxide red reaction tank

9、Iron oxide red slurry tank

10、Middle Raw material tank area

11、Tail gas treatment plant

12、Nitric acid smoke exhaust treatment device

13、Ammonia nitrogen stripping treatment unit

14、Sewage treatment workshop

15、Factory road

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