Our Advantage

Our Product Application

We can provide the 100% standard iron oxide pigment in RED , YELLOW ,GREEN , BLACK, ORANGE and BROWN with character of high temperature resistance and ultra fine. And our products widely used in the area of painting ,building material ,colored asphalt ,  permeable ground , ceramics , rubber , plastic, paper-making and stainless steel polishing .And also we can process with customer’s demand. We can meet your exact requirements here , Top grade , Medium grade and Economy grade, you can get exactly what you want at Deson. The company has advanced production equipment and scientific testing methods ,,reliable quality ,rich variety ,reasonable price ,,those gain us a lot of trust and reputation from customer.

1、The park's permeable pavement

2、Colored asphalt pavement

3、The rubber floor

4、Rubber particles

5、Color Plastic

6、Color Paper

7、Packing Paper


9、Color oil paint

10、Cement Encaustic Brick

11、Encaustic tile