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The Iron Oxide Industry Will Strive To Maintain Stable Operation In The Post-epidemic Era

The Iron Oxide Industry Will Strive To Maintain Stable Operation In The Post-epidemic Era

On 28th Oct 2020, the expanded meeting of directors of Iron oxide Industry Branch of China Coating Industry Association was held in Deqing. Representatives from the governing units and key enterprises of the national iron oxide industry got together to discuss major industrial events in the post-epidemic era, We will pay close attention to the economic and financial trends in China and abroad during the special period, and standardize the future market of iron oxide pigments and discuss the future development of iron oxide industry.

Lin Zhihua, secretary general of China oxide Iron industry Branch mentioned in a special period, in the face of new forms of business, new changes, new models, how to face the iron oxide industry, how to open a domestic cycle, domestic and foreign double cycle, promote the industry's high-quality development is of great significance.

Against the backdrop that the global epidemic prevention and control is still grim, There are more opportunities for China's economic development,The great development of new and traditional national infrastructure, new infrastructure, big infrastructure, old village reconstruction and other huge markets have brought unprecedented opportunities to the iron oxide industry. The iron oxide industry must develop in a coordinated way, resolutely put an end to price wars and vicious competition. Enterprises should take innovation and development as the fundamental principle, practice their internal skills, provide good services, walk out of their characteristics, and jointly achieve high-quality coordinated development.

According to the meeting, the global epidemic has brought unprecedented impact on the industry,Under the circumstances that both imports and exports are affected, it is necessary for us to seek new changes and promote the high-quality development of the iron oxide industry to seek new opportunities and new markets.

It is also the historical mission of entrepreneurs to strengthen national brands, meet the needs of users and create a better life.